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Is Mother Nature still in Super Markets?


Since the beginning of time Raw Foods has been around providing nutritional substances for our bodies to feed on. 


Then comes greed from man to make money a man made creation to allow profit from Mother Nature.   Nothing wrong with making money from Mother Nature, as she is there to help us stay alive but when is to far to far?


Companies today have gone to far and the people need to speak out and fight back for proper foods in stores today!   Go into your local super market and see the sad results of greed.   80% of the store is boxed and not alive foods.   Just 20% of the store is full of somewhat nutritional Mother Nature foods. 


That brings me to that 20% of food, which has only 5% organic and out of that 5% good luck for it is usually not really what most consider organic.  What have we done to mother earth? 


For many years raw food has been around and in plenty quantities, now I am afraid to see what man has tried to call good nutritional food and stick a label on it and make uneducated people eat such foods.   It is time to educate people and let them know the truth about nutritional information and yes they might still eat Mc Donald’s but at least they are aware of the changes that could occur if they ate proper foods.


Join the revolution at Raw Food Media and help educate everyone about the nutriacial value of real raw foods!

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